Today’s modular homes are a beautiful, sensible way to build the house of your dreams—with endless levels of customization that just might take you by surprise. Modular houses are highly customizable structures that can be modified to accommodate innumerable floor plans and lot sizes. In addition to designing your new custom home, Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County can also design a modular addition that breathes new life and space into an outdated or cramped house.

Custom Home Design

We provide flexible floor plans that allow you to arrange the layout of your home to your exact specifications—and the fun doesn’t stop there. You can pick everything from the interior wall colors to the aesthetic and placement of every last feature. There’s no need to be a professional interior designer, either. We’ll walk you through every last step and make recommendations based on our expertise as general contractors and home designers.

Energy Efficiency

One of the many options available in our new custom homes is impressive energy efficiency. Our green building experts understand how to save natural resources, reduce waste, and save water and electricity through environmentally protective and ethically sound construction. We participate in both the Energy Star and LEED programs and will supply you with all the energy efficient appliances you can imagine.

Modular Additions

Maybe you’re expecting another child and don���t have the bedroom space for a crib. Maybe an elderly relative is coming to live with you. Maybe you’re working from home now and need office space. Whatever your reasons, it’s not uncommon to realize that what seemed perfect 5 or 10 years ago is, well, no longer perfect. What’s more, it can be impractical or costly to move. Enter Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County. We can construct a modular addition in our state of the art factory and ship it to your current home when it’s ready for installation. We will plan and design everything from the pre-build site work to the on-site build to match your existing structure. You can significantly increase the size of your home while saving time and money, with minimal inconvenience.

Custom Materials

From gorgeous oak staircases to elegant vaulted ceilings and inviting stone fireplaces, we offer an incredible list of high-quality and affordable materials that you can use to customize your home experience. Skip the frustrating search for a new home. With Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County, there’s no need to settle. We will gladly put our bondable contractor services to work, sourcing only the perfect materials to give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Call us at (800) 477-5539 or contact us here to discuss how we can start designing and building the home of your dreams today.

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